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Fire Door Assembly Inspections

Annual Fire Door Assembly Inspections are now the Law.

Fire & Safety Inspections

Fire rated doors are now required to have an annual documented inspection based on your local codes. Morris Black has a certified and trained Fire Door Assembly Inspector (FDAI) who can perform the inspection and provide you with the proper documentation.

Why inspect annually? A fire door must be operating properly to stop the spread of deadly fire, smoke, toxic fumes and gases. Misalignment of the door due to constant usage is the most common cause of failure of doors to close during an actual fire. Included in the inspection is the door itself plus other key components including the frame, fire exit hardware, door closers, hinges, locks and door bolts.

You can download the Fire Door Assembly Guidelines from the links in the blue column. The guidelines state that fire door assemblies shall be inspected and tested not less than annually, and a written record of the inspection shall be signed and kept for inspection by the AHJ (authority having jurisdiction). Morris Black has a trained and certified Fire Door Assembly Inspection professional on staff who can inspect your doors and assure that you meet the NFPA guidelines.

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